Purple Promise

Track your FedEx deliveries and lookup rates with Alexa.

"Ask FedEx. Where are my packages?"

Track your packages

Provide the email you used to enable the FedEx Purple Promise skill along with your package details.

If you haven't yet enabled the FedEx Purple Promise skill, that's okay. Add your package now, then use the Alexa app on your smart phone to enable FedEx Purple Promise.

"Alexa, ask FedEx, where are my packages?"


How To Use FedEx Purple Promise

Step 1 - Enable the skill

Search for the the FedEx Purple Promise skill on your Alexa app and press Enable Skill.

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Then register your email address and your current location with FedEx Purple Promise.

All packages tracked through the Purple Promise skill will be associated to this email address.

Your location may be used to locate shipment rate information through the Purple Promise skill.


Step 2 - Share delivery details

Share your delivery details with FedEx Purple Promise.

Enter your tracking information on purplepromise.xyz using the form above.

You may also email your tracking details to track@purplepromise.xyz from the email address you used to complete the enable process.

Include a description of the package in the subject. FedEx Purple Promise will scan your email for tracking numbers and include these packages in future Alexa requests.

Forward shipment notice emails from your online retailer and let FedEx Purple Promise do the rest.


Step 3 - "Ask FedEx..."

FedEx Purple Promise can track your packages and provide sample rate information.

"Alexa, ask FedEx, where are my packages?"

"Where is package two?"

"How much is it to ship to Nashville, Tennessee?"

"How much is it to ship from Memphis to Los Angeles?"